Media Metro Limited, together with Airports Fiji Limited will distribute this unsurpassed “Fiji Visitors Guide” annually throughout the Airports and across the greater Fiji area.  This “Visitors Guide” will be the exclusive Free Airport Guide & Map for visitors entering Fiji via Nadi Airport, Nausori Airport and Port Denarau. More specifically, the Guides will be located thought-out the Immigration and Baggage Claim areas, in Brochure racks, on tour desks, at car rental outlets, and down at Port Denarau Marine.

The Guide will consist of 10 different maps of Fiji, a page of Travellers Tips, a page describing the history of Fiji as well as a generous amount of advertising space. The original size of this map will be A1 laid out, folded into an A4. The extensive variety of spaces within this Guide for advertising is a great opportunity to reach a substantial portion of the tourists entering and travelling around Fiji. With this Guide, we sincerely believe we can help you to easily promote your company, and here are some of the following reasons why:

·         The Fiji Guide is fully endorsed by Tourism Fiji.

·         It is exclusive to all Fiji airports

·         Nadi International Airport, as an example, is a premium opportunity, handling approximately 700,000 tourist per year

·         Media Metro will administer all locations where the Guides are based. We will ensure that all locations are restocked as required.

·         Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year